Base Oils Attributes

Here are some of the most popular base oils and their attributes in alphabetical order.

• Achllea oil
It is used for relaxation and massage. Also it is considered as an effective muscular, rheumatic and arthritic pain reliever.

• Almond oil
Almond oil has been used for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes since antiquity. It is not easily oxidised, it has a long lifespan, and is used for massages, facial masks and as a make up remover.

• Aloe Vera oil
It is antiphlogistic, anaplastic, reduces inflammation and pain and keeps skin healthy.

• Arnica oilBase Oils
Arnica oil is one of the best natural pain relievers. It is very often used for aromatherapy massages.

• Apricot oil
Coming from the Apricot core and not from the fruit, it is considered to be more beneficial than the Almond oil, but with a shorter life span. It is used as additive to facial creams.

• Avocado oil
It is rich in A, B, D and E vitamin and it is one of the most appropriate oils for cosmetic production since it is easily absorbed by the skin. It is used against skin spots and for sun protection.

• Castor oil
It is ideal for the area near the eyes. It can also be used together with E vitamin. It is refreshing, it reduces wrinkleses and it is beneficial to hard skin and hair.

• Carrot oil
It is rich in A pro-vitamin and mineral salt and has cicatrizing, analgesic and anti hemorrhage attributes.

• Coconut oilBase Oils
It is used in cooking and soap and shampoo production. Coconut oil offers many benefits, including the warding off of heart disease and cancer. Moreover, it enhances weight loss and has been recognized as an effective treatment to very dry body and facial skin.

• Evening Primrose oil
Although it is more often used as nutrition supplement, Primrose oil has beneficial attributes for skin care. It noticeably reduces water loss of skin, while it raises skin resistance to ultraviolet rays and blood circulation.

• Flax oil
It is rich in Linoleic acid and E vitamin Flax. It is considered as the most nutritious of all the oils in the world and it promotes healthy heart.

• Grape Seed oil
It is widely used in Aromatherapy massage and for greasy skin care. It does not cause allergies.

• Jojoba oil
It is added to various cosmetics and used as light sun protection oil and as massage oil. Also, Jojoba oil can soften hard skin and hair and heal wounds and skin diseases.

• Laurel oil
It comes from the Laurel core and is used as invigorant in hair masks.

• Olive oil
It is rich in E vitamin, antioxidant and ideal natural cosmetic for dry skin. In ancient Greece it was used for body rubbing.

• Peanut oil
It is one of the most appropriate vegetable oils for massage and it can be added to facial creams.

• Poppy Seed oilBase Oils
It is used for massage and can combat all kinds of pain (muscular, rheumatic, arthritic etc), even the heaviest ones such as discopathy and sciatica.

• Rose Hip Seed oil
It is considered as an excellent vegetable oil for skin care and especially dry skin, rosy drop and wrinkles. Also it is used after dentist’s surgeries to heal wounds.

• Sesame oil
Sesame oil contains Linoleic and Arachis acid. It is used in many cosmetics, in massage and as light sun protection oil.

• Solar oil
It is rich in Zinc and E and F vitamin. It is considered as appropriate food for both kids and elderly people. It is beneficial to sensitive and dried skin.

• Soya oil
It is rich in Linoleic, Palmitic and Arachis acid. It is used for cooking and it is beneficial to dry body and facial skin.

• Walnut oil
It is a styptic substance especially beneficial to greasy skin. Moreover, it has been recognized as an effective tonic for hair.

• Wheat Germ oil
It is rich in lecithin, A, D, and vitamin. It is added to hair and facial masks.

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