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5 Myths About Essential Oils You Probably Believe

Aromatherapy essential oils myth

Aromatherapy is increasingly recognized as a successful treatment paradigm for treating a wide range of mental and physical issues. Essential oil techniques are now acknowledged in the same professional circles where they were formerly derided and ridiculed.

Because human nature is prone to hype, it is critical to evaluate aromatherapy, as well as any other alternative or traditional therapy, treatment, or theory, honestly.

Sadly, there are still some untruths and misunderstandings about these powerful treatments for so many disorders. Don’t let the following 5 myths about essential oils and aromatherapy deter you from using them as a natural alternative to traditional treatment.

1. Essential Oils and Scented, Perfumed Air Freshening Oils Are the Same.

This is completely false. The term essential oil excludes any synthetic or chemically generated perfumes or aromatics. Essential oils are made by distilling natural oils from plants, flowers, and herbs without adding synthetic scents or additives. Therapeutic-grade essential oils are thus 100 percent pure and non-replaceable. Pure essential oils include no synthetic components.

2. Aromatherapy Can CURE Certain Illnesses.

Essential oils are used in aromatherapy to cure or prevent a variety of physical and mental health problems. Aromatherapy is also used to produce or modify moods since the human sense of smell triggers certain brain reactions. So, for example, the perfume of roses, lemongrass, or lavender relaxes the brain, and hence aromatherapy essential oils help stress reduction and indirectly healing.

Anyone who makes the untrue and unlawful claim that essential oils or aromatherapy products can treat anything is dishonest. The FDA and comparable agencies throughout the globe prohibit the use of the phrase “cure” in relation to aromatherapy and essential oils.

3. Aromatherapy Only Works on Your Physical Body.

You simply need to mentally replay specific events to dispel this essential oil misconception. Aromas may quiet your mind and help you concentrate your thoughts. Inhaling cinnamon essential oil has been shown to cure erectile dysfunction in males. Many men and women find lavender aromatherapy calming. Other oils, like rosemary, assist cure a variety of mental disorders.

4. Higher Quality Essential Oils Are Thicker.

Plants generate oils of various viscosities. Myrrh essential oil is thicker than Lavender essential oil due to the source material. Frankincense is like most essential oils. In addition to the distillation or extraction procedure, essential oils are diluted or not.

5 – If the Container Says 100% Pure Essential Oil, You Are in Good Shape.

Sadly, there are no limits on the statement of essential oil purity in the USA or abroad. Talk to people in the aromatherapy community and do your research. The ultimate conclusion is that some producers are more honest than others, and that a label saying “100% pure essential oil” means nothing.

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