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Pulse Points for Aromatherapy

pulse points for aromatherapy

The Most Popular Pulse Point Aromatherapy Techniques.

Aromatherapy, or the use of fragrant essential oils to enhance overall wellbeing, works extremely well when the oils are applied to various pulse points around the body. This is because pulse points are the parts of your body where your blood is pumping closest to the surface of your skin – if you’ve ever felt around for your pulse, this is why you’re able to feel it in some spots and not others!

Using your pulse points in aromatherapy practices are great ways to quickly reap the benefits of using your favorite oils. If you’re on the go and only have a couple minutes to use your choice of essential oils, you can get the most value of your oils and time by applying them directly to one of your six major pulse points.

Pulse Point 1: The crook of your neck directly below your jaw bone.

This pulse point is a popular spot for checking for a pulse – in various medical scenarios, people typically feel for a pulse in this crook of the neck. This is because the jugular vein running through this part of the neck is sizable and closer to the surface of the skin, making it easy to get a quick reading of one’s pulse. This also makes it an easily accessible spot to apply essential oils for some quick, on-the-go aromatherapy practice.

Pulse Point 2: The center of your chest.

While this spot may be a little more challenging to access on the go, it’s a fantastic pulse point to use in aromatherapy practice. At the center of your chest cavity lies your heart – because all the blood in your body is constantly pumping through its chambers, the center of your chest is a fantastic pulse point you can use to quickly and effectively feel the effects of essential oil usage.

Pulse Point 3: Behind your ears.

This pulse point area is similar to the temples – because your brain requires adequate, regular blood flow to work properly, there are many veins running to the brain. Quite a few of them are located behind your ears.

Since ears are typically exposed, it’s easy to rub some of your favorite essential oil blends behind them when you need the quick, calming effects of aromatherapy during the day.

Pulse Point 4: Your wrists.

These are great pulse points for essential oils because your radial artery comes very close to the surface of your skin in these areas.

As a bonus, because your wrists are easily exposed and accessible, using your choice of essential oils here is quick and easy, making it a great spot to practice aromatherapy anytime you may need it.

Pulse Point 5: Your temples.

Your brain needs plenty of blood to function properly, and multiple veins and arteries run through your temples. This makes for yet another easy to access spot to engage in essential oil usage when you’re on the go for the same reasons the areas behind your ears is so effective. As a bonus, using essential oils here can be helpful if you are experiencing headaches or migraines for some extra relief.

Pulse Point 6: Your inner elbows.

Your inner elbows are another great pulse point because so many veins are close to the surface of your skin. If you’ve ever had blood work done, you likely saw the doctor or nurse find a good vein to poke in one of your inner elbows.

Because the veins are usually so close to the surface in these areas, it makes them ideal spots of aromatherapy practice with essential oils, too.

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