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The Pill Popping Society

The Pill Popping Society

The Pill Popping Society: Navigating Medication in the Modern Age.

As a society, we so easily pop a pill for everything. We tend to want to take medication to get a “quick fix” even for common ailments or minor complaints.

And, this is not an exaggeration, visit your local drug store and take a look at the shelves.

Also, consider the incidence of flesh-eating bacteria (MERSA) and drug-resistant tuberculosis. These infection-causing microorganisms evolved because people use antibiotics indiscriminately. What happened in those cases is that instead of killing bacteria, the bacteria developed resistance to the antibiotics. As a result more powerful antibiotics are necessary to fight these disease-causing organisms.

We take a pill for everything. Even when there are natural cures.

Have trouble sleeping? Take sleeping pills.

Have trouble staying awake? Take uppers, flood yourself with caffeine and harmful energy drinks.

Have an upset stomach? Take an antacid.

Feeling a headache coming on? Take a pain reliever.

Have stiff muscles? Take a muscle relaxant.

Have back pain? Take a pain pill.

Feel anxious? Take a Valium.

Can’t get enough sunlight? Take Vitamin D supplements.

Can’t eat enough fish? Take fish oil capsules.

Can’t drink enough calcium? Take a calcium supplement.

And the list goes on…

This is not to say that modern medicine and prescription pharmaceuticals along with over the counter drugs do not play important and beneficial roles in our modern society. Of course they do.

But, it is true that there are many instances where a more natural alternative can be a better option.

For example, prescription pain killers, opiates, such as, OxyContin, and Codeine are some of the most abused drugs in the United States.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), fatal overdoses from such legal drugs have reached epidemic levels, in fact, they exceed those from heroin and cocaine combined. And prescriptions for them have tripled in the past two decades.

The CDC reported in 2011 that 40 Americans die every single day from prescription painkiller abuse.

The United States has some of the highest rates of abuse, at 20% higher than less affected countries.

In 2010 there were enough painkillers to medicate every single adult American around the clock for one month.

The truth is that writing a prescription is often the quickest and easiest method to treat a patient. But, the consequences can be devastating.

It should be noted that this does not apply to all doctors, in fact, one California study found that 3% of doctors wrote 62% of all painkiller prescriptions in the state.

That is why so many are turning to holistic medicine that looks to complementary methods of treating ailments and improving general health in more natural ways.

So, while they do not ignore their conventional medial professional’s advice, they do look beyond it to get a more holistic and comprehensive approach to treatment that address the whole person and root causes of disease.

And, it is also why many choose to turn to home remedies that are natural and can be as effective today as they were for our grandmas who didn’t have a drug store on every corner.

Natural Alternatives To Western Medicine.

Some opt for natural remedies whenever possible and there are many of such that treat a variety of basic ailments and conditions.

For minor aches such as stiffness of the back, sore feet or menstrual cramps due to PMS; or for conditions such as dry skin, sunburn, cuts and skin irritation; or for problems such as bad breath, acne, snoring, insomnia, poor appetite, headaches, constipation, and colds, there are effective remedies to help make you feel better WITHOUT popping a pill.

What’s more, these are home remedies that might already be in your kitchen cupboard, refrigerator, spice rack or pantry.

What could be more economical and better for your overall health and well-being?

In fact, these home remedies will probably trigger happy memories of your mother or grandmother taking care of you when you were feeling poorly.

Home Remedies For Common Ailments.

Home remedies are as old as the human race itself, and before modern medicine and pharmacies on every corner, people used all types of ointments, plants, concoctions and tricks to heal various simple ailments.

It is not surprising that these days more and more people are looking for more natural treatment methods, as conventional medicine’s options often result in unwanted side effects and huge medical bills that the average family cannot afford. Click here to learn more about home remedies for common ailments.

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