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Uplifting Citrus Essential Oil Benefits

citrus essential oil benefits

Citrus Essential Oil: The Complete Guide to Its Uses and Benefits

You will learn about the many health benefits of citrus essential oils in this article.

Aromatherapy and essential oil usage are still the most popular alternative healing methods since they are completely natural and safe when used as directed.

Essential oils, which are highly concentrated therapeutic grade oils, are extracted from plants, bark, flowers, fruits, and other botanicals. Lavender, eucalyptus, lemongrass, tea tree, jasmine, and a number of other essential oils are good for your health.

Citrus essential oils provide several health benefits and are often less costly than lavender and rose oil.

Varieties Of Citrus Oils

Extracts of these fruits all fall under the category of citrus essential oils:

  • Lemons
  • Limes
  • Mandarins
  • Oranges
  • Tangerines
  • Grapefruits

The oil is extracted from the fruit’s rind by cold pressing, yielding a 100 percent pure therapeutic grade oil that may be utilized for a variety of health issues.

What are the Health Benefits of Citrus Essential Oils?

10 Benefits of Citrus Essential Oils
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They have the power to neutralize the acid in the body and improve immune system health, which helps us fight infections, germs, and viruses more effectively.

These oils, like the fruits from which they are derived, are abundant in antioxidants and other beneficial elements. Citrus oils are also stimulating and anti-depressant, and they promote natural vigor.

Lime Oil

Lime oil smells like fresh limes and is sweet, invigorating, energizing, strong, and tangy.

Healing Properties: It is an antibacterial that has the potential to both treat and prevents infections.

It may be used topically to treat minor skin lesions like rashes. It also aids in the treatment of psoriasis.

When consumed, it may help cure infections of the mouth, colon, throat, stomach, and urinary system. Lime oil may also be used as a cold therapy at home and can help with respiratory infections including bronchitis, flu, and coughs.

Lime oil, as an antiviral, may aid in the treatment and prevention of viral illnesses such as colds, measles, and mumps. Its astringent properties aid in toothache relief and gum health. It may also aid with diarrhea and halt bleeding by constricting blood vessels.

This citrus fruit is also an aperitif, which means it stimulates the appetite by activating the release of digestive juices, which may be very beneficial for individuals suffering from a severe condition that affects appetite, such as cancer.

Essential lime oil may be used to treat bacterial illnesses such as cholera since it is antibacterial. It aids in the treatment of both internal and exterior bacterial infections, such as those of the stomach and urinary tract.

Lemon Oil

The aroma of lemon oil is fresh, sweet, and zesty.

Healing Properties: Lemon oil is uplifting and may aid in the treatment of depression. It’s invigorating, antiseptic, antibacterial, and immune system-supporting.

When gargled with water and salt, it may aid with sore throats. Lemon oil contains astringent and detoxifying effects that may help dull skin regain its shine. Its antibacterial characteristics aid in the treatment and management of acne, greasy skin, and other skin diseases.

Lemon essential oil is relaxing and may aid in the relief of exhaustion, anxiety, sleeplessness, and uneasiness. It fosters a positive attitude and aids in the elimination of negative feelings.

It may improve attention and alertness when breathed via an aromatherapy diffuser, making it a wonderful alternative for the office workstation.

Lemon oil is abundant in vitamins and antioxidants, such as vitamin C, which promotes immunity and encourages disease-fighting white blood cells. Lemon oil may also help to improve the body’s blood circulation.

Mandarin Oil

Like real fruit, mandarin oil has a sweet, zesty citrusy aroma.

Healing Properties: Mandarin oil has anti-stress properties and may improve mood and energy levels.

It also aids in the healing of stretch marks, particularly when combined with other essential oils such as lavender or frankincense. It may help regulate oily skin and treat other skin issues including spots and scars. It’s utilized in hiccup and indigestion home treatments.

Grapefruit Oil

Grapefruit has a stimulating fruity aroma.

Healing Properties: diuretic, stimulant, antidepressant, anti-anxiety, and cleanser of the renal, vascular, and lymphatic systems.

Orange Oil

Orange oil has a pleasant and delicious aroma since it smells like oranges.

Healing Properties: Orange oil includes limonene, which has been shown to prevent cancer in tests. Its smell is uplifting and energizing, promoting happiness and excellent sensations. It has anti-coagulant and anti-tumoral effects and supports good digestion. It may make dull, greasy skin seem younger and healthier.

Orange oil, like other citrus oils, is abundant in vitamin C, an antioxidant that supports good immunity and keeps the body well-protected against sickness and infection.

Tangerine Oil

Tangerine oil has a scent that is similar to the fruit it comes from: sweet, juicy, and relaxing.

Healing Properties: This oil has a relaxing effect and pairs well with lavender to aid with sleep, tension, anger, anxiety, and relaxation. When mixed with a carrier oil and applied on the foot, it may aid with fluid retention.


Citrus essential oils may be used topically, but not at full strength; they must be diluted with a carrier oil before being applied to the skin to avoid burns. Before using oils or any other natural therapy, see your doctor ensure that it does not conflict with any existing treatment plans.

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